Dr. Anna’s credentials

Dr. Anna Maria Pouchet, N.D. began her career as a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the State of Washington, USA, but she felt a strong call to come back and practice in Trinidad.

Her medical training was completed at Bastyr University, which is one of the four accredited programs for naturopathic doctors in the United States, and an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of alternative medicine. Since her graduation, and prior to returning to Trinidad, she worked as a primary care physician at New Hope Naturopathy Consulting in Seattle, Washington, where she specialized in integrative geriatric care. She also served as an exam writer for NPLEX (Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations).

Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Pouchet received her Bachelor's Degrees in Chemical Engineering from The City University of New York. After graduating with honors, she worked for seven years at Merck & Co. Inc, one of the US top pharmaceutical companies. At the moment when she decided to make a shift in her career, she was serving as a senior chemical engineer at one of Merck's facilities in Pennsylvania, USA. Her experience as a chemical engineer has enhanced her analytical abilities and the investigation skills needed to find the root cause of malfunctioning while diagnosing complex chemical systems, skills which have been proving to be important tools during her current vocation. As pharmacology was also part of her medical training, she achieved more in depth knowledge concerning pharmaceutical drugs, which is an additional asset when working in collaboration with conventional medical doctors.

Dr. Anna’s story in short

Dr. Pouchet changed her profession as a result of her own health crisis. On her healing journey, she tried various conventional medicine methods, which palliated her symptoms, but this approach was unable to help her achieve a satisfactory level of health. Naturopathic Medicine with its modalities were pivotal to her recovery process. She was so impressed with the efficacy of the alternative medicine, that she made the decision to abandon a successful corporate career in order to become a healer.

Dr. Anna’s approach

Most diseases are caused by various aggressors from our environment. It could be bacteria, viruses, environmental toxins, foods, medications, etc. It is also about how "fit' is our body to deal with all these, how many nutritional or energetic reserves one may have, and this is where genetics play a role. Conventional drugs palliate symptoms, but most times they do not lead to a complete cure. Our approach is to find and remove the stresses that are creating the imbalance in our lives, work with the patient to achieve optimal lifestyle, and replenish the body with the nutrients that have been depleted as the illness made progress..

So, if you are struggling with a medical condition, you are dissatisfied with the medical care you have received so far, and you want a positive change in your health by using natural alternative methods, or even if you were told there is no treatment or hope for this, then come in for a consultation and let’s determine what other options are available for you..


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