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Diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in my teenage years never severely bothered me, I kept my weight under control and exercised appropriately. However when I developed allergies and a severe post nasal drip at university life, coupled with costochondritis (localized chest pain), these became a serious challenge for me. I was scripted heavy steroids by doctors and put on an ongoing dose of corticosteroids to use every day. Coupled with this I also battled with PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) characterized by feelings of deep sadness or despair, mood swings, bouts of uncontrollable crying, food cravings or binge eating, irritability and anxiety. I thought all this was a normal aspect of PMS which all women experienced together with painful cramping and chronic lower back pain upon onset of menstruation. Yeast infections were always treated appropriately, but they always seemed to return after some time. I made a decision to enroll in Dr Pouchet's clinic after visits to general and specialist's physicians' offices proved futile or only gave me a temporary fix.

I was remarkably impressed by Dr. Pouchet's extensive wholistic medical and assessment skills and ability to discern and quantifiably pinpoint core problematic origins of all the symptoms I was experiencing. Her patience and time taken to address these phenomena were invaluable.

The regime I was placed under through her "whole foods" and homeopathic supplements reaped incredible results. Lower back pain are now a thing of the past, PMS symptoms are nonexistent (YES!), mild cramping if any. No more crying spells or irritability or excessive food cravings. I now look forward to that time of the month.

Over the four months I have been under the medical care of Dr. Pouchet I have not had any repeat yeasts infections. My allergies and chronic rhinitis are now under excellent control of natural anti-histamines and diet. The quality of my sleep has been improved significantly which is a super added bonus. My rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation has been significantly reduced by natural mechanisms. My body feels different, more content and in balance.

To this day I continue to recommend friends and family to Dr Pouchet's medical care, each of which has a good story to tell. Her stuff works. She offers you a natural holistic healing experience which no medical specialist or practitioner could offer you.



Tammie's testimonial

As Andrew’s wife and the mother of five children, who works full time in a new startup company and has other commitments, I lead an incredibly busy life. I assure you I need every ounce of energy and good feelings that I can take out of myself. It’s tiring just thinking about all of the energy drains I have. A short time ago as I was pondering going back to school and needing more brain power I decided to make a change in how I treat my body.

Andrew and I enlisted the help of naturopath Anna Pouchet. We went through a complete detox and medical work up. Before my experience with Anna, I was a big skeptic of natural medicine. However the methods she used to diagnose our problems made sense. In the past I was always dissatisfied with medical doctors who only took information from their patients, scribbled it down, nodded and wrote a hurried prescription-- and that was that. Anna remains committed to her patient’s ongoing care and success. I know we got results that can be seen and measure for years to come. Back to the detox. I haven’t slept this well or had this much energy in a long time, neither has Andrew. I have finally lost that little bit of extra baby weight so my clothes feel good again! Andrew has lost 16 pounds! Best of all we have corrected all of our cravings and eat much better. Now all of this takes a bit of time and planning however it is worth it! Andrew will be weaning himself off his prescription meds…now that is a true testimony. Really it only makes sense…I have become keenly aware of the long list of side effects from the prescription meds, seems like the cure might be worse than the disease.

I don’t give endorsements unless I truly believe in what I’m promoting. But when I find something useful to my health and well being I like to pass it on to others who can benefit from my experience. Now that I’m educated and empowered, I feel great! I can live and eat this way for the rest of my life. And what’s even better is partnering with Andrew to impart these life-changing options to our children so we can be the strong healthy family we have always wanted to be. If you partner with Anna she will assist you in finding the same rich life changing empowerment too.

Tammie Krieger





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